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Talk with Anthony Harris & Suzanne Tempel

102 min

Suzanne Tempel, Awakened Mind Trainer, talks to Anthony Harris.

Anthony is the grandson of the world famous physical medium Alec Harris. Anthony and Suzanne met in 2017 in Cober Hill at the seminar of Stewart Alexander. Suzanne asks Anthony about Buddhism, Mediumship and training the Mind.

Trance State Interview – PART 1

56.44 min

Warren James (Trance Medium) in discussion with Suzanne Tempel – Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer.

Here in part 1 we first discuss her work and background. Suzanne tells us how she came into this field of working with EEG, we talked about the Background of Awakened Mind Training and the difference between other forms of EEG. How it works: Brainwaves, Measurements, Patterns etc, plus, what she has found regarding Trance Development. I must stress – Part 1 is the foundation to Part 2 (Part 2 will include some slides and images to help and will be released within the next day or 2 and is VERY enlightening)

Trance State Interview – PART 2

60.03 min

Warren James (Trance Medium) in discussion with Suzanne Tempel – Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer.

Part 2 is a continuation of part 1 and i’m sure with this research you shall learn MUCH – ENJOY!!

Interview Judith Pennington

3.35 min

Judith Pennington, founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, on meeting Suzanne and on her work with Mediums

Ken Wilber and the old version of the Mind Mirror

10.11 min

Ken Wilber, often referred to (right or wrong) as the “Einstein of consciousness studies”, shows how he is able to manipulate his brainwaves in different ways. This is an old film and an old (one of the first) Mind Mirror developed by Max Cade in England way back when, and it’s use/research carried out by Max Cade and Anna Wise. Ken is dropping into a deep state but he’s not stopping all his brainwaves. Nevertheless one can see how we can learn to go into different states of consciousness and this is mirrored by the brainwaves. Similarly, we can train our brainwaves to go into altered states.

Anna Wise on The Awakened Mind

55.54 min

Anna explains the early version of the Mind Mirror and the development of the Awakened Mind at the Neuro Tech Forum hosted by Synetic Systems.

The Outside of Your Inside: Observing Your Brainwave Pattern as a Transformational Tool

55.06 min

John Dupuy and Javi Otero talk to Elizabeth St. John, James Ripley and Judith Pennington of the Awakened Mind Institute/Mind Mirror, one of the earliest spiritual technologies developed. We’ll begin with a demo of the newest version of Mind Mirror EEG. Then Elizabeth St John and James Ripley share about the history of the Awakened Mind pattern, working with Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise, and their own work.

Watch more videos and follow Suzanne on Youtube:


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